Bram Rood and Stefan Vreugdenhil: ‘going to Ibiza’

Bram Rood and Stefan Vreugdenhil will take part in the ‘Vuelta a Ibiza internacional en mountainbike’ from 18 to 20 April. Because Ibiza is known for its parties, they hope there will be something to celebrate, like a good short ranking or winning a day tour. 180 kilometres and 4500 altitude metres await them in this tour.

“Last year I cycled with Ramses in Andalusia, but the weather wasn’t great,” says Bram Rood. “That’s why, after a long season of beach races, I decided to start a bit later with the mountain bike season, and this three-day race fits in nicely. Stefan is always in for a party, so we decided to ride as a couple.”