Bekkenk and Rood on podium behind Ockeloen on Texel

Race number three in the KNWU beachrace Topcompetition took place under severe circumstances on the isle Texel. There was a strong blowing north-west wind and just before the start heavy rain was above the isle. Soon after the start the first big echelon broke up in small groups of riders figthing with the elements.

The KMC-Fruit to Go mountainbiketeam had just like last week a good start with Ramses Bekkenk and Bram Rood being present in the first echelon. With Jasper Ockeloen and Bram Imming they managed to escape at the southern turning point but their escape did not last. The last small lap were the riders had to cross loose sand and climb a dune was decisive. From that moment on there was no hidding in the echelon anymore and Ockeloen appeared to be the strongest in front of Bekkenk and Rood. ‘Just like last week the victory was not in reach but with two men on the podium we are more than satisfied.’, stated number two Ramses Bekkenk. Teammembers Gerben Mos, Martin Schuttert and Stefan Vreugdenhil finished at 16th, 25th and 26th place.