Bart Barkhuis finishes fourth in ‘s Heerenberg

On the first tropical day of the year, a 70 kilometre long marathon took place at the ‘Wielerfestival Montferland’ in ‘s Heerenberg. The organisation had created a challenging 35 kilometre round for the competitors, which had to be completed twice. It turned out to be a tough race, due to the heat and high pace. Bart Barkhuis finished 4th in his discipline, with an 8th place overall.

“The race picked up quite fast right from the start, and my legs felt strong today. Luckily, because I started in the back so I had to pass a lot of riders in the first climb. I lost my water bottle during a technical descend halfway through the race, which made the final pretty tough because of the warm weather. Fortunately I managed to keep my position in the race anyway”, says Bart Barkhuis.